Interior acoustic quality in environments such as bars, restaurants, and cafés can have a significant impact on your customers and staff alike, affecting the hospitality business itself.

Various factors affect the overall acoustic quality of these spaces, such as the background noise, speech, and architectural design of establishment.

Places like bars, restaurants, and cafés traditionally have carpets on floors and soft furnishings. They used upholstered chairs, curtains, and tablecloths, which provide some sound-absorbing qualities. But recent trends are leaning towards a modern look, including high ceilings and hard surfaces. These features are very pleasing and are known to produce excessive room echo. These venues are usually crowded, which makes for an uncomfortably loud environment. Some studies show that venues like these generally foster acoustic conditions that make for uncomfortable social interactions.

Social interactions are usually a very common source of excessive noise. This phenomenon occurs when conversations of different individual groups create noise, which in turn results in surrounding groups competing to be heard and understood.

Customers often struggle with hearing and understanding speech in food court. In fact, most people admit to avoiding these places altogether. This just goes to show how truly significant interior acoustics are and how they can attract or hinder your customers.

Understand that Internal Acoustics Remediation is important and ensures that your visitors are being offered a pleasurable experience. It also ensures that your staff’s health and safety will not be compromised by excessive noise.

While the importance of providing acceptable interior acoustic conditions is clear now, there is a common misconception that investing in the interior acoustic environment can be very costly. Remember that redefining your establishment to promote better acoustic conditions can increase your business, which leads to an increase in revenue.

To summarize, providing an acoustically accommodating environment is better for your customers, staff, and business. If you are designing a bar, café, or restaurant, contact an Acoustical Remediation Consultant like LittleGecko, who specializes in providing customized interior Acoustical Remediation.

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