If you’re considering a new video surveillance system for your home or business, the options can be overwhelming. Little Gecko Technologies can help you choose the best system for your needs and help to take advantage of the newest tech advances. One surveillance option to consider is a PoE security camera system. Unlike traditional cameras that require two cables to connect, PoE uses only one cable and is a smart, cost-effective way to keep your property secure. Here are a few reasons to consider this type of surveillance system:

Ease of Installation

Little Gecko will perform a quick and seamless installation of your surveillance system. One benefit of PoE cameras is versatile placement. Since the power to the device flows through the Ethernet cable, there is no need for an AC power source, meaning the cameras can be installed virtually anywhere. Additionally, if you find the need to relocate your cameras, this can be done without hassle. Whether you want obvious or discreet placement, a PoE camera system offers versatility.


PoE system installation costs only a fraction of traditional camera installation. Since PoE doesn’t require an AC outlet, this means fewer supplies and labor costs for extensive wiring. Contact Little Gecko for a consultation and price quote.


PoE cameras are backed by an uninterruptible supply of power. Even in power outages, the camera will continue to function.

User Friendly

The advent of PoE has greatly changed the way surveillance video footage is monitored. Now, you can remotely access the PoE cameras using an app and even download the footage to your laptop or mobile device. Find peace of mind in knowing your property is secure while you conveniently monitor from afar. Little Gecko will walk you through the use of the camera and apps and make sure you feel comfortable self-monitoring.

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