How Mobile Apps Help Restaurants Attract Clients

Nowadays there is no field that doesn’t involve apps. Apps are available for all almost everything, whether it’s an app for social media interaction, addictive mobiles games, or apps for health and fitness. Restaurant owners consider apps useful for various industries, and not just for their restaurants. However, there are glaring examples where innovative restaurant […]

VoIP for Your Restaurant: What to Consider When Upgrading Your Phone System

Considering VoIP phone system for your restaurant is the right choice. VoIP phone system is the newest in the phone system technology, you can send regular voice calls over a computer network instead of those traditional telephone line.The cost, compared with a conventional multi-line phone system, may make Voice over Internet Protocol seem an appealing alternative. VoIP phones systems for your restaurant are relatively easy to set up, especially if you are already connected to a single network.

VoIP Phones | Phone Systems for Restaurants

It’s time to cut the cord with your company’s landline. VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, is a modern day game changer when it comes to the way companies communicate. VoIP is a landline alternative that allows for video, voice, and text exchange over the internet. As a VoIP service provider, Little Gecko Technology can hook you up with this cost-effective tool to automate, analyze, and streamline your company’s communication system.

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