In today’s modern and technological era, almost every business’ critical operations rely on an internet connection. Even a very short disruption in internet connection can mean lost revenue, customer dissatisfaction, and reduced productivity.

Cash payments are rare these days; people are relying on more modern options. People are more tech-savvy today, so transactions are almost always made via credit or debit cards and other online payment methods. From credit card transactions to customer service apps, you depend on your internet network connection to handle all your restaurant’s business operations in an intelligent, efficient manner. Along with these various jobs, network security must be a priority for your restaurant. Failover internet can trouble any business on a major level. The need to run your restaurant without the worry of threats and sensitive customer data being compromised is critical.

LittleGecko internet failover solutions will keep your network running and your customers and staff happy when your internet is down. We will help you install devices that automatically and seamlessly switch over to a wireless 4G LTE broadband internet connection. Any systems connected to the device can continue to operate at broadband speeds. Customers and employees often don’t even realize that the primary internet connection has been lost.

Our wireless network experts will provide an all-in-one internet fail-over solution that is easy to deploy and manage. This invaluable solution can facilitate both wireless and wired WAN through a single platform, keeping the many tools and services that require connectivity up and running. These include:

Our internet solution decreases IT tech man-hours, hardware and network downtime. It also empowers a one-man network admin team to maximize limited sources.

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