Free WiFi in Restaurants

Whether you are new to the hospitality industry, or you have a lot of experience running a restaurant, you may be wondering if there is any value in offering free WiFi to your customers. Restaurants, pubs, and cafés not offering free WiFi for their customer are likely to be in the minority today.

In this digital age of smartphones and tablets, you can offer something very exclusive which could produce huge returns. Free WiFi in Restaurants offers hospitality businesses a chance to bring in and hold onto new customers.

Technology is an vital tool for restaurant owners. It allows individuals to check in at your restaurant, which in turn promotes your business. Customers also have the opportunity to read reviews, access the special offers, and receive additional information about the food your establishment offers. There are many ways that Restaurants in Boston with WiFi could actually allow you to connect with your customer’s ads, increasing both long-term loyalty and short-term profits.

Below are few reasons why you should offer Free WiFi in Restaurants to your customers/visitors:

1. Bring In New Customers/Visitors

WiFi permits food joints like bars, restaurants, and eateries to draw in customers whom they would not have attracted before. It’s understandable that sitting alone in a restaurant or bar is sometimes disheartening and often feels demoralizing to solo customers. WiFi access helps the individuals to interact online with friends while sitting alone in a bar or restaurant.

2. Collecting Customer/Visitor Data

In order to use WiFi, customers will need to enroll, as WiFi systems usually have an enrollment process for new users. In order to enroll, customers must provide some information including name, sexual orientation, age, email address, and contact number etc. This is a great opportunity for restaurants to collect customers data. With the information given by customers, restaurants are able to focus on their patrons by sending them unique offers through SMS, newsletter etc.

3. Very Little Investment Is Required

Introducing a WiFi Hotspot often doesn’t include the expense that many establishments envision.

4. Aim to Live Up to Customer’s Expectations

Free WiFi is presently available on open and private transport in downtown areas like libraries, lodgings, restaurants, eateries, bars, and even chapels. Restaurants that don’t offer free WiFi should consider opting into this modern technology, and permit their customers to stay engaged with them in the online world. The inability to offer this service could potentially hurt a hospitality business. Research shows that 1 in 10 individuals admit to leaving a business due to the fact that there is no free WiFi access.

5. Differentiate Your Business From Competitors

Cost and quality are the conventional means for any organizations to separate themselves from one another, yet innovation is driving organizations to re-evaluate this methodology. In the era of smartphones and tablets, offering free WiFi will give you a noteworthy advantage over competitors.

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