PoE Security Camera System

What is Power over Ethernet (POE)?

It is a technology that allows the network cables to carry electrical power.

For example, a digital security camera in your restaurant requires that two connections be made when it is installed:

First Connection: A video connection to stream the video recording and display equipment at your business place.

Second Connection: A power connection that will deliver the electrical power the camera requires in order to operate.

Note: If your restaurant is PoE Security Camera System enabled, only the network connection needs to be made, as it will also receive its electrical power from this cable.

Why Use Power Over Ethernet?

Specifying POE brings many advantages to an installation at your business:

Time-saving and inexpensive – It reduces the time and cost of having a POE system electrical power cabling installed. Installation of network cables does not require a licensed electrician and it can be located anywhere.

Flexible – You can easily relocate and reposition an electrical outlet and devices such as wireless access and IP cameras whenever required.

Security – Power Over Ethernet is intelligent. It is specially designed to protect network equipment from underpowering, overload, or any kind of incorrect installation.

Reliability – Power Over Ethernet powers itself from central and universally compatible sources rather than a collection of those distributed wall adapters. It can be controlled to easily disable or reset devices or backed-up by an uninterrupted power supply.

Scalability – If you have power available on your network at your restaurant, that means installation and distribution of the network connections is simple and effective.

Devices That You Can Use With Power Over Ethernet

POE can be used with many applications, but the major key areas are:

VoIP phones – If you’re using VoIP phones in your restaurant, this is an original POE application. Using POE means phones have only a single connection to a wall socket, and it can be remotely powered down like older analog systems. Note: They’re easy to operate!

IP cameras – POE can be found everywhere now on networked surveillance cameras; POE enables easy repositioning and fast deployment.

Wireless Devices – Wifi access points are commonly POE compatible to allow remote location away from AC outlets and relocating site surveys. Note: POE can be used with wireless devices as well.

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