Audio / Visual

In addition to the menu, a restaurant’s atmosphere is incredibly important. Audio/Visual plays a big role in creating the right atmosphere. LittleGecko offers a full design, installation and maintenance service for audio/visual systems for bars, restaurants and social clubs.

Our designs include multi-zone audio systems for your restaurant, bar and outdoor patio, video walls and/or multi-purpose signage for promotional purposes. LittleGecko can create systems with one TV or hundreds, larger screen projection, or anything in between.


Guests notice the Audio/Visual aspect of your business from the moment they walk through the door, so choosing the best Audio/Visual company is vital. LittleGecko will provide the perfect balance of audio and visuals for your dining establishment.


We offer the cutting edge Restaurant Audio Visual Solutions in Boston. At LittleGecko, you’ll find all integrated Audio/Visual solutions specially tailored for restaurants. Our sound systems produce awesome sound quality, and our video systems include big screens, which ensure flawless visibility from all areas.

We install in-ceiling and external speakers, integrated television wiring, projectors, projection screens, and televisions to create the audio and visual experience necessary for a given space.

Every service is performed by our experienced, highly qualified technicians. We create easy-to-operate Audio/Visual systems for your restaurant, which can be as discrete or as bold as you want. We also offer an integrated control system ensuring ease of use for your staff.

Don’t wait any longer; make you restaurant atmosphere compelling, and guests will continue to come back time and again.

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