IT Help Desk

When you have an in-house IT Department, it means your company’s IT needs are great. Let us be your IT support provider so that you IT staff can focus on the bigger tasks

Remote Monitoring

We can manage and control your network administration remotely, as well as monitor network activities. Let us help you keep tabs on your business. Let us be your IT support provider.

Managed IT Services

With digitization and new technologies ushering into the business world, firms require Managed IT Support. You require a firm and agile IT support from competent professionals. If you are looking forward to third-party Managed IT support and solutions in Boston


Connect your business and customers to strong and reliable internet from every corner of your building.

Cloud Storage

Instead of stressing about manual filing, or additional storage hardware, as your IT provider we will get you set up with cloud storage. Cloud storage allows you to have access


End-to-end describes a system or software that provides complete, functional solutions from beginning of a workflow straight to the end, without third party involvement. The Littlegeckotech is your end to end IT support provider

Voip Phones

Voice over IP phones let you utilize the internet connection you already have rather than a separate phone line for secure reliable phone

Audio / Visual

Install in-ceiling speakers, integrated television wiring, projectors and projector screens with the highest quality equipment for your needs.

POE Cameras

Power over Ethernet cameras allow high quality security recording that doesn’t need additional power connections for simplified


Connect all your computers to share printers, scanners and internet access with amazing speed and reliability.

Tech Updates