VoIP Phones

It’s time to cut the cord with your company’s landline. VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, is a modern day game changer when it comes to the way companies communicate. VoIP is a landline alternative that allows for video, voice, and text exchange over the internet. As a VoIP service provider, Little Gecko Technology can hook you up with this cost-effective tool to automate, analyze, and streamline your company’s communication system.

Reasons to Switch to a VoIP System:

Improved Communication

The success of a business is dependent on effective communication. In addition to streamlining phone calls with customers, VoIP Boston enhances communication among employees. Imagine sending a text rather than walking to a phone and hoping the person you need picks up on the other end. Additionally, an internet-based system is particularly useful if you are managing multiple restaurants in multiple locations. Little Gecko allows you to easily expand the number of phone lines as your company grows without system downtime.


Little Gecko can program an auto-attendant feature within a VoIP system. Voice recognition capabilities allow the auto-attendant to provide information about special events, entertainment, and hours of operation. The auto-attendant can even direct customers to make a reservation. This function allows customers to interact with your restaurant during non-business hours.


VoIP systems can provide your company with a useful analysis of your communication. Are customers most commonly calling to schedule reservations? Find out about events? At what time are customers calling? These analytics provide a foundation on which you can personalize marketing and availability to meet your customers’ needs. Little Gecko will explain how to get this useful information at your fingertips.

Reduced Cost

Switching to a VoIP system may reduce a company’s phone bill by 50-70% in the long-run. High-speed internet is affordable and likely something your business is already using. Why not make the most of your internet by connecting it to a VoIP system? Additionally, extra fees for long-distance phone calls are eliminated.

VoIP Phone Service for Restaurants systems are improving the way restaurants do business. Ready to change yours? Contact Little Gecko today to make the switch.

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